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Tuesday, October 9th 2.

December 15

Friday , October 9th 5. Friday , October 9th Sunday, October 9th Thursday, October 9th Monday, October 9th Wednesday, October 9th Saturday , October 9th Tuesday, October 9th December Try another date. November January In fact, it makes you feel more important somehow Even though it's your birthday, in many ways it'll still be business as usual for you. You're one of the most ambitious and responsible signs, and tend to put your professional aspirations above all else. Success is where you aim, and luckily, even though it takes many years and plenty of diligent effort, you typically end up realizing any goal you set for yourself.

You are more reserved and cautious than most but that won't stop you from enjoying your special day. Your approach might be less party animal and more prudent, but that doesn't mean you don't know how to have fun. You simply tend to do it on a budget and with a curfew.

Hey -- there's a reason why you're so successful. Knowing your limits is one of them!

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If you have one fault it's that you take life so seriously that occasionally you may fall into fits of melancholy. This is due to the fact that you view life with stark realism, a tendency that leaves little room for imaginings and faith. But at least on your birthday, consider making an exception. When your loved ones light the candles on your cake, go ahead and make a wish.

December 15 Zodiac

This year, why not even trust that it might come true? All About Zodiac Birthdays December Capricorn Work hard and party hard with the zodiac's ambitious Goat Calm and businesslike though you are, there's also a fun side to you that people get to see when they spend scads of time with you. For instance, someone who is comfortable sharing… Continue Daily Love Horoscope If you can be supportive of your partner's dreams and schemes today, they'll benefit in a big way, and so will you.